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Organising a local get-together or sub-group (Dublin)

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Organising a local get-together or sub-group (Dublin)

I live in a city with about 50 active warm showers host, and I've been active at hosting for quite a few years. It has occurred to me that I've never actually met or had any contact with the other hosts here (and several live within 5 minute walk). Occasionally, when I haven't been able to host visitors they've asked me about other good hosts in the area and I've had to admit I've no idea about them, apart from whats written on their profiles.

So I was thinking of contacting all those in my city and organising an informal get together some evening, partially as a social thing, but also maybe to set up a bit of an informal network (maybe using a FB or whatsapp group) that we can swap information and host requests to maybe make the whole thing a bit more efficient, and to help out any new hosts who are worried about how to deal with visitors.

Has anyone any experience of this, or are there 'do's' and 'dont's' about contacting people in this way?