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if u want to see the festival book the return ticket after seeing my family temple festival. we can accommodate 15 foreigners . we will provide accommodation and food also. u dont have to worry about anything. u will enjoy this heaven in GODS OWN COUNTRY. If u cant come pass this message this who are coming to Inida. if u r interested in seeing my family temple festival u can come to my village. my native place is in Village about 130km from Cochin. its hilly area. u can see ancient traditonal culture of Kerala temple festival. u can stay in my home for one week before the temple festival starts so that u can take part in preparation of our temple festival like painting the temple, cleaning , buying large quantities of vegetables from market and plucking vegetables from our vegetable farm, inviting people in our area and u can come with us to invite people from other villages in our vehicles by giving invitation card. then u can see our kerala food are made. u can decorate the temple with flowers lot of thing are there for u to do. u can see huge quantities of flowers which we are going to decorate around 100KG of flowers will be there

on the day of temple festival u have to get up early by 6 to see the temple rituals and there will rituals espeiclaly for Women its very sacred ritual accoridng to Hindu Culture so womens are invited to take part in it. after that breakfast will be there. about 300 to 500 people will be coming on the day of temple festival so we have arranged people to cook food for 500 people and u can help us in serving the food for people. then another ritual will start by 10 a.m then over by 12 then fater lunch some programs will be there . by 5 p.m there will be procession to another temple by taking the idol a 3km walk around 200 people will join for the procession with lighting the lamps and wrearig traditional kerala dress. u r also given traditional kerala dress from us. there will be drummers and light all on the way. by 8 p.m we will reach back to our temple then rituals will be there after that we will serve dinner to 400 people then by 11p.m there will be music program or drama will be held on the stage.

its only temple in kerala where foreigners are allowed inside the temple and take part in activities of the temple. so if u want to see everything u must come one week before the temple festival starts. u must inform us soon and the date of arrival. most of our couch surfers experienced our temple festival.

foreigners are stars in our village. u r given special privilege in our village everyone will come and take your photos and they all like to talk with u so u will be the STAR IN MY VILLAGE. so come to my village and experience the ancient traditional temple festival of Kerala and experience our culture. so dont miss it . my family welcome u all. so treat as my personal invitation. if you are coming inform me earlier.