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bike locks

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bike locks

Need a serious lock for a long distance trip. Needs to be somewhat lite weight without compromising security. Whats new?

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every bicycle weight 20

every bicycle weight 20 kg.
if you bicycle is 6 kg you need a 14 kg lock, if it is 12 kg you need an 8 kg lok, if it is 16 kg a lighter one is enoght, but if the bicicle is 20 kg ... you do not need a lock.

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I'd argue they weigh more, and a new product with potential

Well, it appears I've got proof your numbers are low... I have a 36kg bike (rusted custom chopper) that needs one, and a 35kg tandem recumbent tricycle that needs more than a $100 U-lock. The tale of the recovery of both is here:

But to answer the original question and contribute something useful to the conversation, I just saw this recently that looks promising:

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