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eurovelo questions (first post!)

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eurovelo questions (first post!)

This is my first post so go easy on me!
(I actually tried to post this earlier but didn't seem to work so apologies if it shows up twice)

I recently decided for some inexplicable reason that I want to go on a bike tour through Europe. After some research I've decided that since it will be my first solo bike tour that i will follow eurovelo 6 to minimise the amount of planning I have to do.
I cycle a fair amount, maybe 70 miles a week, how realistic is it for me to consider doing 50 odd a day for an extended period of time?

I've read a load of blogs by people who have done EV6 but none of them wild camped... Is there a reason for this? I'd only be going from France to Budapest so I'm not worried about wild camping at all just wondering if there's a reason people don't seem to?

Thanks in advance!

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wild camping euro velo 6

Hi Curly, I've done the Euro Velo 6 from Langres (France) to Tulcea (Romania) two years ago with a cheap bike and very little equipment with about 80km a day, resting a few days in Budapest it took me about 40 days to get there. I totaly wild camped all along and have to say it shows no particular difficulty, it is not real confortable as you can imagine but real safe, I had absolutely no trouble there. I used to camp out of town and villages, you just have to choose your place carefully and avoid human activities, so before you put your tent I would recommend to go and look around at least 500m range to understand well where you are, it may take you an hour so don't wait until night comes. In Romania a part of the danube river is a protected area it is normaly not permited to camp there so a ranger will probably come and check you out but they are nice, in fields around some people may come and ask to move, they are nice... my best recommandation is to stop early enough and have a plan B ready that means another place to stay in case you have to move, a place that you can find easily even at night and not too far: do not cycle at night, just walk. From Hungary but especialy in Romania (Bulgaria and Serbia too) there are bunches of wild dogs nearly everywhere so do not leave any food outside and have your food with you if you leave the camp, those dogs are not agressive as soon as you step off ur bike, they would never do anything wrong when you are inside the tent (except if you carry with you a big pile of rumsteak), then actualy don't care. The Romanian countryside is a bit "rough" that means it is not easy to find a quite place to stay at night because there are plenty of people everywhere at anytime, they just won't bother you but you will have very little choice in regard of the place and should expect to put your tent anywhere... just one last thing: never put your tent in a field of wineyard you may end crushed by a tractor or a horse. For food june is the perfect time because you will find fruits all along the way: fruits are the best to travel they give you water, sugar, fiber and vitamins, you just have to buy some bread with it! any type of plums and don't miss the mullberries which you will find everywhere! you will find drinkable water in fountains anywhere along the road especialy in romania (bulgaria too), in villages you can go to the cimetry or around the church you will find a dwell or a pipe, no worries! just in case you need it go to the café of the village and ask for a home-stay people will generaly accomodate you for less than 10 euros a night with breakfast. There are a few campsites on the way, except for Budapest I don't recommand them, you will pay and have more trouble than wild campings... at Budapest there is the green camping which is real nice and cheap, ask for MArtha. Around Bratislava you have to camp at least 10km away from the city, try to organise your trip accordingly. Be aware that it will be real difficult to buy any piece for your bike as soon as you're in Hungary, be prepared! After Budapest and to Serbia the Eurovelo becomes real crap it is better to take the road as there is so little traffic (even in Serbia...). And remember: no good trip without a good saddle!

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which bike ?

I plane to do the Eurovélo 6 this summer. I have a racing cycle, do you think it is possible ?

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a good saddle

crapy bike or formula one you can make it still, the most important point is: THE SADDLE!
However with a racing bike if you've got any technical problem it will be very hard to find pieces once your in Hungary and for the rest of the trip (even in France it happened to me and I was lucky to find what I needed in a Leclerc supermarket). So it is most advisable to ride classic models unless you carry with you every single pieces of your bike (it's like riding two bikes at the same time). And from passed budapest you will have to skip the normal route because it is not suitable for racing bikes so you can will have to take the road instead. To be honest I would recommand a VTC style bike and remember: it is not a race, one have to enjoy the trip.

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