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Overnight in London August 22nd with bikes.

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Overnight in London August 22nd with bikes.

We, my boyfriend and I, are flying from the US via Iceland to London on August 22nd and arrive at 2010 in the evening, just after the last Chunnel train to Paris. Our end goal is to begin a Loire Valley bike ride camping along the way, beginning in Nantes France and hopefully ending in Basel Switzerland. We will see what we can do. In the mean time, we need a place to camp for the night before heading out via Chunnel on the 23rd.

Much appreciated.

Thanks so much.

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I traveled in England and

I traveled in England and Europe and occasionaly spent the night at the airport (if I had an early flight or arrived late). I'm sure you can take public transportation in the morning into London to catch the train to France. Good luck and tailwinds.

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