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Bolivia by bycicle

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Bolivia by bycicle

Hi everyone,
my name is Silvia and I am from Italy.
I was cycling in New zealand for 2 mounths and a half. On the 21st of may I have my flight for Buenos Aires and I was thinking to take my bycicle with me and to go for one mounth in Bolivia. I need some informations about cycling there....
let me know

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Hi Silvia what is your doubts

Hi Silvia what is your doubts about cycling in Bolivia, i am planning be there in june, so maybe i can help you.

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Bolivia is an incredible

Bolivia is an incredible country, but, as everywhere in South America, it could be three or four different countries depending on where you want to go cycling. There´s the altiplano (cold, dry, high, beautiful, rugged), the selva and lower lands. It depends what you want or feel up to. We did the altiplano and would go back there anytime - but it is high, you need to acclimatise well, and not everyone likes it. The lower lands are warmer, wetter and easier for cycling.

In general, roads aren´t in great condition, and when paved you gotta be aware of lunatic/crazy Bolivian drivers. So look out for those less travel roads.

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