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Spain to UK, July to early September

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Spain to UK, July to early September

I'm a 23 year old guy, student (not for much longer). My experience with bike trips is limited to a 4 day 180 mile trip in Western Massachusetts last year, but I loved is so much I'd like to take it further (also farther).

I'd love to go for an extended bike trip this summer from somewhere in Europe, finishing in the UK. I was thinking of starting in Spain in July then pass through France along the coast to then finish off in Cambridge, UK sometime before mid-September. Planning to do maybe 100km daily, maybe less because I also want to enjoy the sights and the people and the everything of the places I will be passing through. The idea is to camp or couchsurf or warmshower along the way and generally do the trip as cheaply as possible. And in order to stick to that plan I need to have someone to stop me from buying all the nice local cheese along the way. So yeah, join me. It will be fun!

Right now I have myself on board, two friends interested in joining for a week or so, and a friend of an acquaintance considering joining for the entire thing. I don't know if that's enough to restrain me from the cheese though and tying myself to a mast is not an option in cycle touring.