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Edinburgh-Newcastle + Netherlands 12-15th June

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Edinburgh-Newcastle + Netherlands 12-15th June

Hi everybody. I'm Etienne, 29, from Belgium.
I'm cycling solo Belgium-England-Scotland-Netherlands-Belgium.
It's been great so far.
I would like to cycle with one or few companions for one of the last bits : Edinburgh to Newcastle, following the Castle and Coast route.
I have a ferry to catch in Newcastle.
Leaving Edinburgh 12th of June, arriving in Newcastle 15th of June.
After that I will cycle from Amsterdam to Lille (FR). Getting to Lille 20 of June.
Would be great to cycle together... let me know!

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touring companions


Apologies for hijacking your post! I'm Peter from we are a brand new cycle touring community and have a free service to help cycle tourists

find people to join their cycle tours. You enter the details of your cycle tour on the site and it is then included on a World map view and central list of all tours.

People can then sign up and join your adventure. It is completely free to use.

Please give it a try. It won't cost you anything and you may find someone to join you. Just visit and select Create Tour from the Go Touring menu or click the link on the front page. Create an account or use your social media login and upload the details.

Hope to see you soon. If you like the site, please do share with your cycling friends.

Cheers Pete

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Hi Peter I suggest that you

Hi Peter

I suggest that you make a stand alone post of your web site. It does compete with the objective of this forum but I guess no one will object. Please post at other sites like and, too, as standalone post.

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Hello Avinash,

Thank you for your reply.

It isn't our intention to compete - Warmshowers do an awesome job with the services they provide to touring cyclists. We provide a free service to help bring people together to go cycle touring together. That is the main focus of the site - allowing people to upload details of their cycle tour for others to look through and join if they want to come along.

I asked Warmshowers before posting in forums - they were happy for me to do so and also suggested I post on their Facebook page too.

There is already a standalone post within these forums at This post you have replied to is a follow up after seeing some people receiving no responses to their posts to find companions. In future I'll direct people to my original post.

Thank you for the suggestion of posting on other sites, I will contact their owners/webmaster for permission.

cheers Pete

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and up! I am in Kintyre now,

and up! I am in Kintyre now, the offer is still on, let me know=)

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