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Timor-Leste in July

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Timor-Leste in July

Hi guys,

I plan to cycle this amazing island in July and looking for companions.
I am currently in Bali, and from here there are two flights to Dili, capital city of Timor-Leste, by Wings Air and Sriwijayaair.

You can get VOA and it cost 35$ for one month.

Country is quite poor, there are no many paved roads, and no many tourists :)
Scenery is amazing and breathtaking.
People are strict Catholics and very religious. But they still keep their tradition alive and celebrating many pre Christian holidays.
They believe that they're originating from crocodiles and call itself Child of Crocodiles. And country is famous by crocodiles as well. They used to leave rivers and swamps to go into the sea :o)

Well, hope it sounds enough interesting to someone who like untouchable nature and exotic places. :)

I have no plan which direction to take, but there are no many options because it is really small. I draw approximately route and it is about 700 km. But it is possible to do more small roads through countryside where are mountains. Also plan trekking tour to Mount Ramelau, the highest mountain in East Timor and also of Timor island at 2,986 m. From TL i will cross overland to Indonesia what is easy to do (in Dili you can get 2-months Indonesian visa for 35$ and it take about 4 days).

In Timor-Leste there are no many hotels and very few are budget, so, I plan to camp almost all time. Street food is cheap and similar as in Indonesia, while in unpopulated areas I will cook.

I am on the road since 2011 and have big experience. Don't like to be in rush, usually ride 70-80 km per day or less, often stop to have chat with people, take photos or just enjoy in scenery and - in freedom :)

Anybody interested in this adventure?