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Austin, TX to Portland, OR

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Austin, TX to Portland, OR

Hello All,

I am currently riding solo towards Portland, Oregon from Austin, Texas. My previous partner disliked this form of traveling, so he decided to return home.

My ride is an effort to explore America, so site-seeing and rest days are on the agenda. I started out in Tampa, Fl and averaged 60 miles a day. My biggest day has been 107, but only out of necessity to meet a deadline. I am very happy averaging 60-70 a day, and am flexible with this number. Of course, elevation will also alter this average. Sleeping safely is a must for me, as is being done with the day before dark. I understand that some days are longer, and you cannot control all of the variables-this is just a daily goal of mine.

The route is:
-Austin, Tx to Lubbock, Tx (family there who are happy to accommodate)
-Return to Adventure Cycling maps from Lubbock. Taking the Route 66 route all the way to San Francisco.
-San Francisco to Seattle
-Seattle to Portland

Who I'm looking for:

A curious and patient rider who believes in safety. Someone who has grit, and also understands the importance in compromise. Experience is preferred simply because my last partner backed out having lacked this. Respect towards women is a MUST.

To get a clearer picture of who I am, and what my trip has been, please visit:

***Segmented partners are welcomed!!!