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Cycling from kl to east Coast and up to Bangkok

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Cycling from kl to east Coast and up to Bangkok

Hi! I am about to start cycling from KL to the east coast and then up to Bangkok, I would love a travelling buddy along the way, so if anyone's keen to join or already cycling in the area let me know!

My dates area I leave KL on the 4th or 5th Oh June and will be arriving in Bangkok on the 2 of July, I fly out from there.

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In the area-ish

Hey Laura,

I'm currently in Penang, Malaysia. I'll be looking to reach Bangkok around the same time taking a route along the east coast of southern Thailand.

I prefer cycling alone but it looks like I won't be far so I hope to run into you on a highway! If we are in the same town, I down to go grab something to eat or share some route info.

Wish you a good start to the trip!

- Jin

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Cool, I am going to jump on a train once I reach the Thai border, I've heard the southern bottom part is a bit dangerous right now so will be jumping out once the train reaches the coastal peninsula section and riding from there, maybe I'll see you on the road! I think I will be there in a week or so depending on travel time.

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Path cross

Hello, I am cycling south along the Thai eastern coast and heading to Singapore through the Malaysian east coast. I maybe will see you the road and we can perhaps exchange some experience!

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