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Crossing the Andes

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Crossing the Andes

We are planning to cross the Andes next winter. We have never done anything like this so we are totally naive in this sense. I would greatly appreciate any advice, recommendations and warnings from anyone who has done it by bike.

Our plan is to stay at guesthouses or other accommodation, or camp as a last resort (not sure if we would find enough accommodation along the way).

We would be crossing them through Los Andes - Uspallata.

Thank you!

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Try searching the forums

That's not a difficult crossing, there's plenty of accommodation along the way.

actually, haven't you already had this question answered?

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Yes, I should have done some search before. Thank you for the links you quoted, I think they are very useful, in addition to the reply you posted in my first thread.

About the fact that I already posted something about this trip before on WS, this time I just wanted to focus on crossing the Andes.

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