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Istanbul advice

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Istanbul advice


I'm currently approaching Istanbul on way towards Europe and have a few questions:

1. Can you cycle across the Bosphorus bridge?
2. Whats the best route to enter Istanbul from Gebze?
3. Ive heard there is an excellent touring bicycle store in Istanbul, whats it called?

Thanks so much - Here is my website:


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istanbul advice

1- no you can not cycle across the bosphorus bridge.
2- from gebze to tuzla by E5 motorway. from tuzla to pendik along the coast and than the cycling path to kadikoy. from kadikoy to the european side by boat/ship which they do not charge for the bike.
3- "bisiklet gezgini" on the asian side. 00-90-216 386 82 85. anothe one is mr. gursel akay 00-90-530-551 66 76 also on the asian side.

if you need more information feel free to call me 00-90-532-421 22 10
mustafa dorsay

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