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Hi All!
Does anyone have any info on cycling from Split-Mostar-Sarajevo? I have read that it is not safe for cycle tourists (we are on road bikes w/ panniers), and that there are some tunnels that cannot be avoided.
Also, can bikes be transported on buses and/or trains without a box?

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Bosnia has a fair number of

Bosnia has a fair number of tunnels on the main roads, but it's easy to avoid them: just take back roads, the ones people used before the tunnels were built. Study the map, and you'll have several choices for how to get between the cities on your itinerary.

Beyond tunnels, I'd avoid the usual direct routes for Split-Mostar and Mostar–Sarajevo because the roads have got a lot of traffic and wouldn't be so comfortable. However, if you enter Bosnia due northeast of Split, you would be on peaceful roads to Mostar. Ditto if you go from Mostar over the back roads to the M18 and enter Sarajevo that way.

We never put our bikes on a bus in Bosnia, but we did stop and chat with a Dutch couple with a tandem waiting for a bus, and when the bus came they threw the tandem on it unboxed with no problem.

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