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Germany to Germany, through the world, starting June 2015 ;)

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Germany to Germany, through the world, starting June 2015 ;)

Hello everyone,

I love this community! :D

I am a 38 year old male. I started on 15th of June from Central Germany and am currently (22nd June) in Chemnitz, near the Czech border. This is my first trip, so I'm learning with every kilometre. But I love the adventure, the nature, the culture and every other -ture there is to experience, plus meeting new and wonderful people and enjoying what our beautiful planet has to offer.

I have not yet met anyone crazy enough to accompany me on this trip, although I know there are many of you out there who are crazy and wonderful enough to just do something this fantastic! So I decided to head off alone and see who I get to know and perhaps travel with along the way.

So here is my rough Itinerary:

15th June 2015: Leave Göttingen, Germany
26th June: Prague
4th July: Vienna
6th July: Slovenia
10th July: Zagreb, Croatia (here I'll meet family and drive the coast of Croatia to Dubrovnik)
16th July: Dubrovnik
20th July: Montenegro
24th July: Tirana, Albania
31th July: Girana, Greece
8th August: Thessaloniki, Greece (I'll break here for a week and head off again mid August
3rd September: Istanbul, Turkey

That is all that is reasonably firm for now. I then want to get to the North Eastern border of Turkey so that I can explore Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and enter Iran near Tabriz sometime in October 2015 before it starts to feel like winter in northern Iran. In Iran I have relatives (was born there, but grew up in UK), so am not sure what will happen there and how long I'll stay there. But I know for a fact that I want to see Esfahan, Persepolis (Takhte Jamshid), and Shiraz before ending up at the famous port of Bandar Abbas. Since I want to avoid entering Pakistan for security reasons, and that there are no direct Ferries from Iran to India, I will connect to India via Dubai.

I have no idea where I'll end up in India, but I definitely would like to spend some time in Goa and take my time to cycle north towards Nepal. Here are some other countries I'd like to enjoy the beauty of: Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, ideally Cambodia if I can get to Malaysia or Indonesia from there, Singapore and if possible some island hopping along the beautiful Indonesia. From there it gets even rougher, as I don't really know how to make it to New Zealand yet, but I'm sure I'll figure that out eventually.

My wish is to cross the Southern Pacific to cycle on Easter Island before making my way to South America (either Ecuador, Peru, or directly Chile). I would like to spend at least a year or so travelling around South America before making my way back to Europe and (preferably) land on Ireland, before cycling to London, France, Spain, Portugal and then back north to Germany.....

so. Lets see how much of the above is achieved over the coming years :)

I have a limited budget and even less time constraints, the point is to enjoy the world and meet its incredible inhabitants. What I would love is to get to know people and travel some (however small or large) parts of the journey with fellow cyclists.

So if I am likely to be passing through your area or if you think our paths are likely to cross, get in touch and let’s travel together..... or at least enjoy a refreshing drink together and share some stories.

I look forward to hearing from you

PS: when my website is up and running, I'll post a link here

Be happy, live a dream...... don't just survive